Welcome to the new Valparaiso Web !!

We are working hard to have this web ready as soon as posible. Adding and completing information step by step.

The good new is that you can make the booking aleady in the web, we know the email you will recibe are not so pretty by the moment but… funtional! and we think that it is the most important.

About the event

You can find here a new calendar sistem (we are still adding information) , it have different choice of view. Select the view you prefer, click in the show to know more  about the artist, add the event to your own calendar, share it or leave your coment.

New age

Sometimes bad things happen, but our fabulous team grows in the face of difficulties. We have lost a website, but now we can work on something new, fresh and more in line with our wonderful customers.

We are determined to improve our service, make it more versatile, closer, more accessible and above all more functional and clear.

As always thank you so much for your patient and understanding.

Our apologizes for the inconvenience.